Artists, cultural and creative operators, born in or ‘adopted’ by Basilicata, talk about their link with the rural world which they renew everyday through their creativity and artistic production.


Cristina  Acucella

Researcher and curator of the prize Le Cantine di Pasolini

I think the link between culture, creativity and the rural world is intrinsic and deep. Man has an effect on the Earth where he lives, making it fertile and molding it according to his own needs and survival.

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Paola Saraceno

Journalist and Entrepeneur

I think farmers are actors who play on a stage of unequaled beauty, their land. They know where they come from and they always know where to return.

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<h4 “>Francesco Filizzola

Singer, author, and trumpeter.

My music education has been greatly influenced by the family environment where I grew up. My paternal grandfather was classical music composer, while the maternal grandfather was a farmer – and a deep admirer of folk music.

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<h4 “>Rocco De rosa

Musician and composer.

“In my music, you can find a certain way of relating to life which I gained from the rural world. It corresponds to the essence; it does not use too many frills and gets to the substance. It is as essential, simple, and precise as the gestures of the peasants.”

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Luigi Di Gianni

Director and film professor.

“It is a poor land but rich in strong traditions that should be protected to safeguard the cultural identity of a population.”

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rocco papaleo

Rocco Papaleo

Actor and director.

“When I was 18, I left Basilicata and moved to Rome. Since then I was fascinated by the Lucanian rural world, and this is reflected in my desire to keep my artistic gaze faced towards this territory and describe it…

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egidia bruno

Egidia Bruno

Actress and author.

“Culture and creativity influence, and are influenced, by country life. I was born, and grew up, in Latronico before I went to High School. As grandchild of peasants, I know the rural world and my imagination is fed by stories …

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