Salvatore Lobreglio

Salvatore Lobreglio – Director of the COSVEL srl LAG


What do you think of social innovation in agriculture and is there any possible fallout upon the agri-food sector? What are the possible synergies with the creativity chain?

In agriculture, socio-cultural innovation needs to have the right combination of hospitality with the distinctive elements of a territory that diffuses traditions and knowledge. This means new roles and services. Besides agri-food products, agriculture today produces mostly cultural and business relationships. The more welcoming a farm, the more it becomes a bastion for local culture: it preserves the community and imparts the unique local heritage to the region’s guests. Over the years, the traditional culture develops a creative component that allows companies in the primary sector, to develop innovative activities in the educational and social field. It also allows improvement to the psycho-physical wellbeing of a region by focusing on the beauty of those natural places which are lived-in with simplicity and respect.

What cultural innovation did COSVEL LAG do and what were its links with the Land of Stories project?

When it comes to innovation in rural areas, Cosvel LAG is closely linked to the concept of a "dynamic tradition” which takes its lead from previous consolidated projects. These are focused on searching for new solutions to new needs, especially of social and cultural nature and increasing socio-economic relations in the territory. It also attempts to develop a local dialog to find alternative ways and improvements. Innovation has to go hand in hand with accessibility, as opportunity is a privilege for many rather than a few.

Cosvel LAG’s involvement in the cultural area has included many different projects; from the Parco Musicale Carafa which is a Literary Park of Valsinni dedicated to Isabella Morra, a 16th Century poet. Morra’s fascinating history was told in the film "Sexum Superando," which was presented at the Venice Film Festival. It was also involved in the famous film "Basilicata coast to coast."

The contribution offered by Gal Cosvel to the Land of Stories project has resulted in the Farms Identification venture, which was conducted by young people and women. The venture is representative of an innovative approach because it aims to develop original formulas of hospitality which represent the local culture, and improve the quality of life in rural areas.

What are the projects and actions programmed for the next few months?

The upcoming scheduled activities are also related to a social cultural innovation theme. Next October, LAG, together with the producers, will participate at Salone del Gusto in Turin to host a stand in a Slow Food exhibition about an old variety of pear from valley of Sinni, so-called Signur. Another project includes a presentation of "Lucanian Costumes, between past and future" and a creative laboratory and new opportunity for young craft talents from the district of LAG.