Rudy Marranchelli

Rudy Marranchelli - CIA Baslicata

Rudy Marranchelli – President of the young agrifood entrepeneurs association (AGIA-CIA) Basilicata


What does social and cultural innovation in agriculture mean to AGIA-CIA Basilicata?

For Rudy Maranchelli, social and cultural innovation led to the Land Of Stories project - a project capable of great benefits and one which can promote social progress. The role of the AGIA-CIA is to encourage young entrepreneurs to become involved in modern specialised agriculture and to improve the quality and regionality of produce. It involves a relationship with the land, safeguarding the environment and has a responsible vision of consumers’ needs. AGIA-CIA has encouraged the knowledge and the recruitment of young innovative farmers so that through the Land of Stories project they can share their own experience. An innovative research tool, developed by the Istituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria (INEA) for use within the project, was used to promote the companies and share their experiences on social networking platforms and mailing lists.

What innovation agriculture experience does AGIA-CIA Basilicata have?

Concrete examples are shown by those companies that have rediscovered forgotten methods, or improved sustainable activities aimed to protect the habitat. There are those who have developed low energy impact agriculture and zootechny, linked to production quality or green tourism where the guest shares the life of the company and re-discovers its secrets. Innovative agriculture respects its traditions.

Over the next few months, what are the projects and actions in your programme with the theme of innovation?

There will be a regional meeting dedicated to young people, innovation and agriculture where we will talk about agro-energy and land management. In October, there will be a national conference, which will focus on the link between companies and their region. We will underline the role of AGIA-CIA’s facilities in the territory and explain how agriculture shaped the Lucanian landscape. The concept of a multi-purpose farm leads to awareness of how safeguarding local production means improving the production area.