Renewing the traditions in order to preserve them: a path of ancient knowledge

“Every innovation in our company is the result of a moment of crisis, which has allowed us to find new solutions,” says Julia Pitrelli.

That of the Agriculture Pitrelli firm of Nova Siri (MT) is the story of three women: Julia, Paola and her mother Rosalba. A story in which the echoes of the work of the strong Lucan women resound from the twentieth century to tell us how much they have contributed to de development of agriculture in the “Metapontino” area.

Rosalba has inherited the business from her mother, Serafina, who in 1952 had bought the first tractor.

Nowadays she stills supports Rosalba and the other daughters Julia and Paola, who run their company consisting in organic olive groves, fruit orchards and vegetable gardens.

They enhance social innovation by providing several GAS, group of citizens that organise themselves to buy fresh food, preferably from zero km farmers.

The company manufactures bio-baskets fulfilled with their organic vegetables, fruit and vegetables, through a system of direct sales, not just to reach people in Lucania and Puglia, but also in Rome, Milan and Florence.

In 2012 they where the Winners of the award De@ Terra of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, which aims to enhance the experiences of women entrepreneurs in agriculture.

Rosalba, Giulia and Paola are tireless pioneer: the use of solar panels for organic production, the sale to GAS citizens buying groups, the production of preserves and jams and the sale of oil, everything strictly organic.

They are also the facilitators of the educational farm and have recently also started the agro-restaurant called “Gargaleo”.

They transformed the “Masseria del Seicento” into a place for educational workshops and puppet theater, inviting people of all ages to spread knowledge and traditions of rural life in Lucania.

Each farm activities in Gargaleo is an excuse to tell a story that changes depending on the hearer.

For the smaller visitor they tell stories with the help of Basil, a puppet narrator which is also a testimonial of Lucan educational farms.

Adults are taught how to make soap and dye fabrics with natural products or invited to walk into the farm to discover the surroundings and the crops, while enjoying the view of the gullies that underpin the landscape.

Paola, which is a pharmacist and a phytotherapist offers journeys dedicated to discover the characteristics and possible uses of the medicinal plants of the area.

Tourists and visitors can “adopt” a fruit tree of the farm and pass by to visit it when they want to know how it mutes with the changing seasons.