Nicola Timpone

Nicola Timponegal-la-cittadella

Nicola Timpone – Director of "La Cittadella del Sapere" LAG


What does social innovation in agriculture mean to La cittadella del sapere LAG?

In any field of production, innovation allows the efficient use of existing resources. Sustainability is an essential element of social innovation that results in "net solutions" and new roles and relationships between participants. The ideas, practices, and the ability to create new developments and outlets are supported from LAG by creating social and cultural innovation and through involving the local community. The Land of Stories project created a partnership with those who wish to share the path of social and cultural innovation of agri-rural farms by creating new energies, knowledge and services to include in the network. Thanks to the innovation and creativity of individuals, it is possible to develop and transform ideas into widespread practice.

What is the La Cittadella del sapere LAG’s social and cultural innovation experience?

la Cittadella del sapere LAG, through its Local Development Plan, "make local business" promotes the integration of development strategies which help to sustain the economic social and environmental growth of the South Western area of Basilicata. LAG supports production already existing in the area and promotes new enterprises and development initiatives by stimulating innovative ideas that lead toward new choices and sustainability. In 2013, we carried out a school competition which was to find a #hashtag for Lagonegrese, High Sinni, Val Sarmento and Pollino which could become an identifying brand for our territory. The #hashtag will be used by LAG for promotion and increasing the value of Basilicata’s artistic, cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic excellence. LAG also participated in the 7th Rome International Film Festival, with a film directed by Lucanian amateurs, "Basilicata land of cinema." There was also a digital storytelling about handcraft and food and wine excellence, which was a #Restartsud project, narrated in a unique way, which aimed to improve the land and ignite the regeneration of the region.

What are the next actions for regional development that will take place?

As part of the logic of recovery and promoting the culture of rural areas, there is the project at Multimedia Museum of Lagonegro that elevates the socio-cultural context of the territory by improving the skills of Lucanian young people. The development project aims to build short supply chains with the goal of enhancing the competitiveness of local agro industrial products. We are calling for ideas for the exploitation of regional and agricultural and food typical of the district which will encourage contacts between farms and consumers. We hope to expand the existing commercial supply chain for local agricultural producers so that they can build innovative alternative distribution channels and determine the most effective tools to promote business.