Giovanni Oliva

Giovanni Oliva  -  General Director of Agricultural and  Forestry  Policies Departmanet


The General Director is convinced that agriculture and the agri-food in Basilicata must be based on aggregation and a commercial development.

In recent years, there has been a fruitful journey, at regional level, to improve the quality of food production. Therefore aggregation and new organisational systems are the elements of innovation that play differentiated roles according to the strategies that lead to important and necessary results. So now, we need to create a new culture by giving farmers the tools so that they can compete, even to get their goods into the markets of distant countries. Innovation processes must focus on more evolved business strategies, internationalisation and aggregation of the offer of products that has to be diversified. All this has to be capable of transmitting a sense of the region essence, its lifestyle, and its beauty. This is the direction that the regional agricultural policy is moving.

What are the future regional goals for the agri-food sector?

The Land of Stories project together with other tools and regional policies is an innovative sample which represents the Lucanian farming and rural agribusiness and provides integration goals. The new Rural Development Programme that the Agriculture Department, presented in Brussels on 22 July, considered, and identified the main needs of the Lucanian agriculture and agri-food sector. It highlighted the development needs of rural areas of the region and of those entrepreneurs interviewed by the Land of Stories project so far. In The programme provides guidelines, farmers and other people living in the territory have many tools to grow their business competitiveness. These include operator training to product, processes and technology invocation to the creation of trading platforms and developing company networks. Many economic resources can support the development of the sector and the region. Synergy and integration between stakeholders can also tackle other aspects of the project. The challenge is to win by expanding our vision of the core values, Lucanian culture and products, and to contribute to the development of our region.