Fuoco divino

In Irsina, a beautiful village near Matera, Pietro De Muro, Giuseppe Signoriello e Antonio Piancazzi, opened “Divine Fire”, “Fuoco Divino”, a grill restaurant based on the concept of completing a “short supply chain” from the production to the consumption of the rediscovered “black pork from Lucania”, joined to the promotion of high quality food and wines of Basilicata.


“Fuoco Divino was born from the idea that we as young enterprise-men can work in Basilicata and support good agriculture while protecting the environment in which we operates and by valuing our traditions”. Pietro De Muro, Giuseppe Signoriello e Antonio Piancazzi bet to stay in the South, in their own land. Pietro took over his father’s company which was raising the Lucan black pig, Giuseppe started to manage the family cereal company, whose produce are ideal to feed the pigs, and Antonio helps them. Fuoco Divino Restaurant and grill, with the processing and consumption, closes the circle. Their history shows that agriculture can be a winning choice when combined with teamwork. “Our strength come from unity: we started in two, then three. We expect that the Fuoco Divino will become an always widening project to engage our peers”, says Joseph. The response of Lucans and tourists is giving them reason. The “Lucanity” of the Black Pig seems to be the trump card to gain a growing market of consumers in search for natural, healthy and guaranteed products.


“Hey Professor, what do you think?”- asks Giuseppe while Pietro brings to the table a freshly sliced sausage. “The future of our present is in the past. The future of our past is in the present”, answer back Professor Emilio Gambacorta. He also explains why the University of Basilicata has decided to invest in the research on the “Lucan black pig”, once a semi-wild inhabitant of the woods and farms of Basilicata, then supplanted by the other more productive breeds. The recuperation of that species started some years thanks to a partnership among the Department of Agriculture of the Region of Basilicata, the University of Basilicata, Alsia Agency (Lucan Agency for Development and Innovation in Agriculture) and farmers from the Association of the Comunità Montana of Middle Basento Now this collaboration is giving its fruits, making the Lucan black pig one of the best practices of virtuous innovation born thanks to the dialogue between the world of research, development agencies and local entrepreneurs.


In the Grill Restaurant also are brought back to life ancient local culinary traditions. Guests are served “sartacinieddo”, a special dish made in the past time with stir-fry fresh meat in order to taste the mixture of meats to put inside the sausages. “Once all the process was a feast that lasted for days, in which all the women of the family and their friends came together “, tells Pietro while working with his hand the meat used to fulfil their amazing sausages.


The story of the “Fuoco Divino” demonstrates that Lucan agriculture can be a crossroads of cultural and economic trends, a testing ground for young people who have re-established a link with the territory, interpreting this also in terms of environmental protection and respect for local values .