From Maschito around the world and back home

Elizabeth’s passion for Basilicata and for listening and discovering old traditions from the rural world have brought her Aglianico wine called “Musto Carmelitano” to be nationally known awarded in international markets.

“You have to travel and go home as if you have to start again every time” – says Elizabeth.

She is now at the helm of the “Musto Carmelitano”, a farm that was born in 2007 and that has its roots in Maschito, in the Vulture area, and distribution branches in Asian and American markets.

Elizabeth and her brother Luigi inherited in their twenties the conduction of the small family farm started in the early ‘900 in Maschito, near the dead Vulture Vulcan, a p lace deeply rooted in the tradition of wine.

The vines are grown in certified organic regime and the transformation is done in a traditional manner.

Elizabeth has brought profound changes in the business organization: she has stopped selling grapes and bulk wine and began to label it with the brand Musto Carmelitano. The grapes Aglianico del Vulture continue to be hand-picked, grown following organic method and produced in the traditional way to preserve its organoleptic properties. From the initial 8,000 bottles per year they now produce 30,000 bottles.

Elizabeth respects the land, the vine and its natural cycles, first in the vineyard and then in her wine cellar where the fermentation is held preserving its individuality and official omologation.

Musto Carmelitano is the only Lucan company that adheres to the association of Organic Winemakers called VinNature, belonging to the Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers.


In contrast to other young fellow, Elizabeth remained in Basilicata while her wine emigrated to the North of Italy, Europe and beyond European borders.