Francesco Ragone

Francesco Ragone Gal Sviluppo Vulture

Francesco Ragone - Technical Director  of "Vulture  Developmant" LAG


What does social and cultural innovation in agriculture mean to "Vulture Development" LAG?

To "Vulture Development" LAG, the idea of social and cultural innovation is linked to a new vision and projection of unique regional products; the development of welcoming and a fruitful rural area that represents a collective reconsideration of the past and was once considered unimportant. In addition, we want to represent those regional networks, relationships, and types of products which prove to be of great interest during these times of evolving social needs, life style and consumption patterns.

What did "Vulture Development" LAG do for social and cultural innovation?

The PSL of Vulture Development LAG is "History, knowledge and flavours of a territory" and is part of the work of The Leader Project in the Vulture region and in Alto Bradano. Using an innovative and multi-sectorial approach the group aims to protect the biodiversity, landscape and the cultural heritage of the area and to transform the unique local resources into new opportunities and prosperity for the local population. We do this through the creation of integrated and innovative actions for the conservation and development of the territory and of the natural and cultural heritage of the Vulture/ Alto Bradano area. LAG operations have focused on the creation of a network of taste education farms which provide a system of production and cultural heritage that places young farmers in the key role of providing innovations in terms of service supply. Events such as "I Templari" in Forenza and "La venuta di Papa Urbano II a Banzi" supported by LAG, retrieve, innovate and renew the knowledge and local traditions. They form a new alliance between agriculture and culture which can help entrepreneurial renewal and the sustainability of the agri-food sector.


What are the projects and actions being prepared for the next few months that carry the innovation theme?

The programme for the next few months will see the "Vulture Development" LAG defining telemedicine and tele-assistance services. Two offices will be opened to support new generations who are interested in working in the agricultural field. Those offices will provide information and support regarding the safety, quality and traceability of agricultural products. Innovative electronic services will provide information about environmental issues and agricultural waste collection.