Domenico Cardinale

Domenico Cardinale is a Lucan entrepreneur who has chosen to return to his roots in Basilicata, drawn by the desire to live “at home” and let his family farm grow.
“Sometimes by living outside, far away, you can better focus on your passions, attitudes, dreams and so find the right stimulation to turn them into projects”. Domenico left Basilicata to go to the University in Bologna, where he graduated in Agronomy. Then he developed a relevant professional experience in the field of agri-food trade, which brought him to Spain and then to work as a consultant in Brussels at the European Commission, in the Agriculture General Direction. After some years he decided to go back to live in his Basilicata, to become an innovative farmer. Today, at his forty-five years, he lives in Matera and is fully dedicated to his company.


Domenico Cardinale is the owner of Le Matinelle, an organic and educational farm. “I came back in Matera with a clear idea: to restructure the family farm and to create a new reality in agriculture. For the UE Commission I followed the theme of diversification, and I have accompanied the birth and evolution of the whole idea of the rural farming. My company’s project has absorbed all the suggestions and influences that my previous work gave me”.


“I have revolutionized the family business, started one of the first agrofarms in Basilicata, planted new olive trees and focused on organic and traditional crops, such as the high quality wheat called “Senatore Capelli” that was already cultivated by my father and only a few others”. Domenico witness a story in which the exploitation of local features is combined with sustainability, protection of the landscape, transmission of knowledge and the creation of local networks. It’s an history of contamination and innovations, all driven by the idea to rediscover, rebuild and bring to light the values of the past.


The company, one of the first educational farm in Lucania, bet today on social farming and on a new way of thinking and practising sustainable and responsible agriculture, with the aim of offering to the region and to the community tracked products and high quality services. Domenico is combining landscape conservation, agro-biodiversity and traditional values, also by experimenting paths of social farming employing disadvantaged people, transforming the company in a laboratory of social solidarity.