Basilicata makes Basilicata

Manche di Viggiano - Potenza

Direct sale and genuine, healthy, certified and traceable products: this is the Lucanian recipe for agriculture, which provides guarantees to consumers and protection of the regional biodiversity, and is able to combat the crisis. Lucanian typicality and tradition give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to stay and work in their own land in a sustainable way. Francesco Trivigno and Lorena Pasquariello, husband and wife, live in Manche di Viggiano in the mountain area of Alta Val d’Agri, where they run their family business breeding pigs, sheep and goats and Podolica cattle. Animal breeding, meat processing and product sale are carried out entirely within the company.


“Agriculture is neither a job nor a passion, it is a sickness: if you have it, you will not recover easily,” says Francesco to explain why, as soon as he got his diploma from Agricultural School, he decided to devote himself totally to his family business. “I have helped my father on the farm since I was a child. I remember it as if it was yesterday that once my teacher scolded me because, while I was putting sheep out to pasture, my school exercise book dropped into a puddle and became useless. When I was a boy, I loved to follow the pasture at dawn, smelling the scent of woods and meadows. Then, when I was 18, my father became too old to continue, and I decided to do it myself”. “Now Francesco and his brother Giovambattista deal with the husbandry while Lorena deals with processing under the supervision of Giovambattista’s wife, Fortunata, who is a food technologist.


High quality meat and a variety of products – from fresh salsiccia and seasoned sweet and spicy salsiccia to capocollo, guanciale, pancetta and soppressata – have allowed the company to address consumers interested in genuine products, and to sell “zero-mile”. The company outlet, which is part of the Campagna Amica circuit, even if far away from the town, is a popular destination with a large number of Lucanian clients who love the flavours of the past. But also customers around Italy and abroad, from the UK to Germany to Japan, appreciate wholly “made in Lucania” products: meat, peppers of Senise and fennel of Baragiano. “Our greatest satisfaction is the response of our customers, both Lucanian and foreign, who call us asking not only to have our products but also to visit our farm,” says Lorena.

Francesco and Lorena, with their tangible experience, show that tradition, environment, consumer protection and green are the elements that allow Lucanian farmers to maintain their own roots, while looking to the future and improving the competitiveness of Basilicata.