In Basilicata nature is queen

Trivigno has 700 inhabitants and is leaning on a valley which enjoys the amazing view of the peaks of the Lucanian Dolomites and the Lake of Camastra. Immersed in the same valley is the San Leone Lodge, born from the recuperation of the remaining of an ancient monastic settlement. The historic building combines the famous[…]


Fuoco divino

In Irsina, a beautiful village near Matera, Pietro De Muro, Giuseppe Signoriello e Antonio Piancazzi, opened “Divine Fire”, “Fuoco Divino”, a grill restaurant based on the concept of completing a “short supply chain” from the production to the consumption of the rediscovered “black pork from Lucania”, joined to the promotion of high quality food and[…]


Il Querceto

Since when I was a baby I used to spend my holidays in the country of my grandfathers, that represented for me the place of total freedom, a sort of open air perennial amusement park. During the Eighties there was no concrete on the roads and I think at this as an uncontaminated place. It[…]


Domenico Cardinale

Domenico Cardinale is a Lucan entrepreneur who has chosen to return to his roots in Basilicata, drawn by the desire to live “at home” and let his family farm grow. “Sometimes by living outside, far away, you can better focus on your passions, attitudes, dreams and so find the right stimulation to turn them into[…]

pasta e pasta

Pasta Pasta

“We were four friends at the bar wishing to change the world”, an Italian song says. The idea of opening a Fresh home-made style Pasta factory was established just for fun. I already had my own business and the other two members too. Another friend of ours worked in Germany and was about to get[…]

pasquale ritratto

Pasquale Polosa – “Basilicata is a place in which to go back and start again”

“Agriculture is a world that arouses enthusiasm in young people, creates involvement and strong interest thanks to the opportunity of creating aself-employment by rediscovering local traditions and new ways of living protecting the environment”. In Oppido Lucano lives Pasquale Polosa, a former personal trainer that at the age of 28 quit his job in Rome[…]


Basilicata makes Basilicata

Direct sale and genuine, healthy, certified and traceable products: this is the Lucanian recipe for agriculture, which provides guarantees to consumers and protection of the regional biodiversity, and is able to combat the crisis. Lucanian typicality and tradition give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to stay and work in their own land in a sustainable way.[…]