Anna Laura and her Grottino di Roccanova

Roccanova, perched on the hillside referred to as “Cozzo delle Punte” between the rivers Agri and Basento, is known as “wine country” for the long and consolidated experience in the production of grapes and wine.
That famous high quality is also due to a generous and favourable micro-climate that allows to collect precious grapes rich in sugar content. The fermentation in wooden barrels and the conservation in the sandstone caves of the Middle Agri gives to the wine its peculiar smell and taste.

Roccanova vini cervino

The company was founded in 1982 by Donata Maria Cervino as a family business and was focussed on the local market needs. In year 2000, with the official entry of Anna Laura and the beginning of a lasting partnership with an expert enologist, which led to the IGT Grottino Roccanova seal, the enterprise changes, innovates and “re-draws” itself. A new phase based on working for the quality of certified wine started and continued with the completion of the production cycle with the renovation of the cellar in which “silence” and “preciousness” meets and visitors are welcomed by the joviality and the dynamism of Anna Laura. By safeguarding the quality, traceability and territoriality of the wines Anna Laura and her team gave a “new dress” to the wineyard, which led to changes in the relationships with the external context and to new organizational arrangements, even rediscovering the traditional wine ageing in wooden barrels and natural cave. “Nowadays the entire production is mostly sold in Southern Italy, even in restaurants and through direct contacts; while a relevant part reaches Germany. The presentation of the wines in new areas reflects the desire of Anna Laura to “cross new frontiers” without neglecting relations with local communities, suppliers and customers. The Grottino di Roccanova is promoted by Anna Laura both in virtual places such as social media on the Internet and in the day-by day reality of the wine-tasting events she arranges in the cellar. This mixed strategy has been chosen by Anna Laura as a new way to create a dialogue with several communities. The visits to the cellar are made in partnership with tourist operators from Matera and are different according to the seasons, so that the wine resting is protected and other aspects of the agro farm can be displayed. During the Christmas season, the work of Anna Laura also gets a sweeter “new look”,still in the basement you can taste the special Red reserve of Roccaenovae win with chocolate.”

cantina vini cervino

Anna Laura and her husband Vincenzo have a strong understanding between them, so that just one eyesight is enough to agree on how and what to do in the cellar. For the harvest, the involvement of expert workers is also arranged by the “man of confidence” of Vincenzo, which since 10 years helps Vincenzo in all the phases of the work into the vineyard. Anna Laura was previously completely a “foreigner” into the industry of wine making, but when she started she threw herself completely into this adventure . “Participating in the Vinitaly fair helped me to understand what goes around the world of wine and, as a sort of challenge, I prepared my company for the competition”, says Anna Laura. The first “NOVELLO” they produced 12 years ago has her name, “L’Aura”, and the label, depicting the face of a child and the sun, refers to the pregnancy that did not stop Anna Laura from being an active part in the production process. On the other hand, “every year at harvest time it’s like I was pregnant, give birth and then work to have my wines graduated with awards and prizes.”


vini cervinoThe Corvino” wines are receiving many awards, but “owing to our choice, our wine only participates once a year only in an international competition,” The selection of Mayors “, which rewards the companies that combines the production of wine in the territory with the protection and the generation of positive effects for the local communities, says the Corvino. This year the “RoccaeNovae Rosso Riserva 2009” he received the silver medal. “L’Aura” in 2012 was considered the best novello wine of Southern Italy. The study, the investigation of various issues, the desire to understand and experiment are the trump cards of Anna Laura and every award “is an incentive to do better and not to rest on our laurels.”