Angelo Tortorelli


Angelo Tortorelli  -  President of CIA of Matera


We met the President of the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce) of Matera, an institution that in recent years has been pursuing a path of relaunching the agri-food economy in Matera. Convinced of the need to come up with a new way to assert the excellence of the region it started training, animating and promoting the region. Angel Tortorelli gives us a frank and clear view of his territory and of a sector which is "regenerating," proposing innovation, and opening itself up to the world with a new awareness campaign linked to production capability. He said that Lucanian companies, pushed by the crisis that hit Italy and the region, have fully understood the significance of the networks and the need to aggregate. They understood that to establish themselves in the marketplace, they had to focus on the quality, on traditionality and on the originality of the products that they offered. Young entrepreneurs have developed and improved commercial capabilities and dialectics, strategies, by starting an internationalisation process. By proposing excellence, they have proved capable of exporting the culture and values of the Lucanian territory.