Angela Ciliberti

Angela Ciliberti - GAL Le Macine

Angela Ciliberti  - LE MACINE LAG Technical Director


What does social innovation in agriculture mean to the Le Macine LAG?

For Angela Ciliberti, technical director of the Le Macine LAG, innovation is present in the strategy of his PSL which is best summarised by the acronym IDEAS where the “I” stands for "Innovation.” For LAG, innovation means integration of new ideas of production and technological processes, with environmental sustainability policies for the protection and promotion of natural resources.

In cultural terms, it aims to trigger the productive and local institutions using The Leader Project philosophy which is a strategic development that starts from grass roots and integrates the productive areas.

What innovative actions have Le Macine LAG taken?

The projects that Le Macine LAG have promoted so far are an expression of eco-compatible territorial innovation. For example, there are environmental certification programmes for companies and public institutions, but also pilot projects connected to environmental sustainability (including differentiated waste collection, alternative energies, and use of green natural resources). The idea is that it will develop an agricultural and rural world that wants to meet the challenge of consistent and fruitful territorial growth. Aligned to these sustainability and innovation ideas are a new breed of modern entrepreneurs including young people and women. Le Macine LAG has pressed these into participation in a project called "cultivation, culture and creativity.”

What are the projects and actions in programme for the next few months?

Briefly we will complete the pilot project of ISO 14001 certification for three agri-business enterprises and PEFC (Sustainable Forest Management certification) for the Gallipoli Cognato forest. There are also two experimental projects to show how to certify natural and productive economic resources, which will be an opportunity for the territory. The next step, after having supported the technological innovation in the product field, will be to access renewable energy sources and provide certification.

It will be showing how to promote the best possible access to the markets, thus promote their growth and improve employment in the area.